Stand up for orphans and vulnerable children

God has a heart for vulnerable children. In Psalm 68:5, God is described as a “Father to the fatherless.” In Matthew 18: 1-5, Jesus shows us that the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven are the little children.

In fact, the command to protect orphans and vulnerable children is one of the most repeated themes found throughout all of Scripture.

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But to fulfill this calling as Scripture intends, we must gather the support of people who will stand up for the most vulnerable and lift up the fatherless children.

If you believe in God’s calling to care for the fatherless, will you add your name to this pledge to stand up for orphans?

When you add your name to this pledge, we’ll send you this thought-provoking devotional, Father to the Fatherless. This devotional will walk you through 7 days of prayer for vulnerable children to find comfort, protection, and a loving family.